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A book, a film, gourmet cookies and other treats...

BOOK: St. Jerome Photo Book (softcover 10x8)
FILM: They Never Walked Alone (DVD/NTSC)

Homemade gourmet Croatian cookies from Dolcetti Pastry
(6-7) Kiflice (nut-free)
(9) - (8) Linzer cookies & (1) Peach/Breskva
(6 pcs.) Pecan Heaven (gluten-free)
(5 pcs) Cupavci (nut-free)

Other tasty products from Croatia...
(1) Rose Hip (Sipak) tea (Franck brand)
(1) Plum Buttery spread (Podravka brand)
(4) Assorted instant soup mixes (Podravka brand)


Salty-n-Sweet Deluxe Gift Box (Item HG-1)

  • A perfect gift which highlights the Croatian-American community in Chicago through a photo book, a documentary film, homemade Croatian cookies from Chicago and other dry food goods from Croatia.

    (1) Photo Book, (1) Film/DVD, (4) Cookie pkgs (approx 26-27 pieces total), (1) Tea box, (1) Plum jar, (4) Soup packets

    GIFT BOX DIMENSIONS: 11 1/4" X 10" X 3 1/2"

    Linzer Cookie: flour, butter, eggs, hazelnuts, cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, raspberry jam, chocolate
    Peaches (Breskve): flour, baking powder, sugar, oil, eggs, walnut, rum, espresso, apricot jam
    Kiflice (nut-free): flour, butter, cream cheese, apricot jam, vanilla sugar
    Cupavci (nut-free): flour, eggs, sugar, oil, baking powder, butter, chocolate, coconut
    Pecan Heaven (gluten free): eggs, walnuts, pecans, powder sugar, lemon zest, apricot jam, chocolate ganache
    Crescents: various nuts, flour, butter, sugar, oil


showcasing the past and present ​with a book, film, map and more...

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